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Package org.mpisws.p2p.transport.peerreview.evidence

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AuditResponse<Handle extends RawSerializable> Snippit is the contents (everything but the type) RESP_AUDIT byte type nodehandle myHandle LogSnippit logSnippit
ChallengeAudit CHAL_AUDIT byte type byte flags // 1=includePrevCheckpoint 2=fullMessagesToSender 4=fullMessagesAll [bitfield] authenticator from authenticator to
EvidenceSerializerImpl<Handle extends RawSerializable,Identifier extends RawSerializable>  
EvidenceTransferProtocolImpl<Handle extends RawSerializable,Identifier extends RawSerializable> This protocol transfers evidence to the witnesses
ProofInconsistent PROOF_INCONSISTENT byte type = PROOF_INCONSISTENT authenticator auth1 char whichInconsistency // 0=another auth, 1=a log snippet authenticator auth2 // if whichInconsistency==0 long long firstSeq // these fields exist only if whichInconsistency==1 hash baseHash [entries]
ProofNonconformant<Handle extends RawSerializable> PROOF_NONCONFORMANT byte type = PROOF_NONCONFORMANT authenticator to nodehandle myHandle long long firstSeq hash baseHash [snippet; see RESP_AUDIT]

Rice Pastry API

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