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Package org.mpisws.p2p.transport.peerreview.commitment

Interface Summary
AuthenticatorSerializer Reads and writes Authenticators.
AuthenticatorStore<Identifier> Witnesses use instances of this class to store authenticators.
CommitmentProtocol<Handle extends RawSerializable,Identifier extends RawSerializable> This protocol attaches signatures to outgoing messages and acknowledges incoming messages.

Class Summary
AuthenticatorStoreImpl<Identifier extends RawSerializable>  
CommitmentProtocolImpl<Handle extends RawSerializable,Identifier extends RawSerializable>  
PeerInfo<Handle extends RawSerializable> We need to keep some state for each peer, including separate transmit and receive queues
ReceiveInfo<Identifier> We cache a few recently received messages, so we can recognize duplicates.

Rice Pastry API

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