Rice Pastry API

Package rice.pastry.wire

Interface Summary
SelectionKeyHandler This interface is designed to be a callback mechanism from the SelectorManager.

Class Summary
DatagramManager This class is an implementation of a UDP-based Pastry protocol.
DatagramTransmissionManager Class which controls which object should be transmitted in the UPD version of the pastry protocol.
PendingWrite Wrapper class which contains an object to write and the address it needs to be written to.
SelectorManager This class is the class which handles the selector, and listens for activity.
SocketChannelReader Class which serves as an "reader" for messages sent across the wire via the Pastry socket protocol.
SocketChannelWriter Class which serves as an "writer" for all of the messages sent across the wire in Pastry.
SocketManager Class which maintains all outgoing open sockets.
WireNodeHandle Class which represents a node handle in the socket-based pastry protocol.
WireNodeHandlePool The WireNodeHandlePool controls all of the node handles in use by the WirePastryNode.
WirePastryNode An Socket-based Pastry node, which has two threads - one thread for performing route set and leaf set maintainance, and another thread for listening on the sockets and performing all non-blocking I/O.
WirePastryNodeFactory Pastry node factory for Wire-linked nodes.
WirePastrySecurityManager Security manager for wire connections between nodes.

Rice Pastry API

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