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Uses of SelectorManager in rice.pastry.wire

Methods in rice.pastry.wire that return SelectorManager
 rice.pastry.wire.SelectorManager WirePastryNode.getSelectorManager()
          Returns the SelectorManager for this pastry node.

Methods in rice.pastry.wire with parameters of type SelectorManager
 void WirePastryNode.setSocketElements(java.net.InetSocketAddress address, rice.pastry.wire.SelectorManager manager, rice.pastry.wire.DatagramManager dManager, rice.pastry.wire.SocketManager sManager, rice.pastry.wire.WireNodeHandlePool pool, int lsmf, int rsmf)
          Helper method which allows the WirePastryNodeFactory to initialize a number of the pastry node's elements.

Constructors in rice.pastry.wire with parameters of type SelectorManager
DatagramManager(rice.pastry.wire.WirePastryNode pastryNode, rice.pastry.wire.SelectorManager manager, int port)

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