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Class DistHelloWorld


public class DistHelloWorld
extends java.lang.Object

A hello world example for pastry. This is the distributed driver. For example, run with default arguments on two machines, both with args -bootstrap firstmachine. Read the messages and follow the protocols. Either separately or with the above, try -nodes 3 and -nodes 20. Try -msgs 100. Try the two machine configuration, kill it, restart, and watch it join as a different node. Do that a few times, watch LeafSet entries accumulate, then in 30 seconds, watch the maintenance take over.

$Id: DistHelloWorld.java,v 1.7 2003/05/14 06:15:01 druschel Exp $
Sitaram Iyer, Peter Druschel

Field Summary
static int protocol
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  rice.pastry.NodeHandle getBootstrap(boolean firstNode)
          Gets a handle to a bootstrap node.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          Usage: DistHelloWorld [-msgs m] [-nodes n] [-port p] [-bootstrap bshost[:bsport]] [-verbose|-silent|-verbosity v] [-help].
 rice.pastry.PastryNode makePastryNode(boolean firstNode)
          Create a Pastry node and add it to pastryNodes.
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Field Detail


public static int protocol
Constructor Detail


public DistHelloWorld()

Method Detail


protected rice.pastry.NodeHandle getBootstrap(boolean firstNode)
Gets a handle to a bootstrap node. First we try localhost, to see whether a previous virtual node has already bound itself there. Then we try nattempts times on bshost:bsport. Then we fail.

firstNode - true of the first virtual node is being bootstrapped on this host
handle to bootstrap node, or null.


public rice.pastry.PastryNode makePastryNode(boolean firstNode)
Create a Pastry node and add it to pastryNodes. Also create a client application for this node, so that when this node comes up ( when pn.isReady() is true) , this application's notifyReady() method is called, and it can do any interesting stuff it wants.


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Usage: DistHelloWorld [-msgs m] [-nodes n] [-port p] [-bootstrap bshost[:bsport]] [-verbose|-silent|-verbosity v] [-help]. Ports p and bsport refer to RMI registry/ Socket port numbers (default = 5009). Without -bootstrap bshost[:bsport], only localhost:p is used for bootstrap. Default verbosity is 5, -verbose is 10, and -silent is -1 (error msgs only).

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