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Package rice.pastry.standard

Interface Summary
ProximityNeighborSelector Finds a near neighbor (usually for bootstrapping)

Class Summary
CertifiedNodeIdFactory Builds nodeIds in a certified manner, guaranteeing that a given node will always have the same nodeId.
ConsistentJoinProtocol Does not setReady until contacting entire leafset which gossips new members.
InitiatePingNeighbor Initiate leaf set maintenance on the local node.
IPNodeIdFactory Constructs NodeIds for virtual nodes derived from the IP address and port number of this Java VM.
PartitionHandler The PartitionHandler does two things: it collects a list of candidate nodes that may be in another partition, and it periodically tries to reach these nodes to heal a partition.
PeriodicLeafSetProtocol An implementation of a periodic-style leafset protocol
RandomNodeIdFactory Constructs random node ids by SHA'ing consecutive numbers, with random starting value.
RapidRerouter The superclass makes the routing decisions.
StandardAddress Constructs an address for a specific class and instance name.
StandardJoinProtocol An implementation of a simple join protocol.
StandardLeafSetProtocol An implementation of a simple leaf set protocol.
StandardRouter An implementation of the standard Pastry routing algorithm.
StandardRouteSetProtocol An implementation of a simple route set protocol.

Exception Summary

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