Rice Pastry API

Package rice.pastry

Interface Summary
NetworkListener Represents a listener to pastry network activity.
NodeHandleFactory<NH extends NodeHandle>  
NodeHandleFactoryListener<NH extends NodeHandle> Notified when ever we hear of a Node Add the listener to the NodeHandleFactory
NodeHandleFetcher Internal interface to get a NodeHandle from some other identifier, such as an InetSocketAddress.
NodeIdFactory An interface to any object capable of generating nodeIds.
NodeSetI An interface to a generic set of nodes.

Class Summary
Id Represents a Pastry identifier for a node, object or key.
Id.Distance A class for representing and manipulating the distance between two Ids on the circle.
IdRange Represents a contiguous range of Pastry ids.
IdSet Represents a set of Pastry ids.
NodeHandle Interface for handles to remote nodes.
NodeSet Represents an ordered set of NodeHandles.
NodeSetUpdate A class which stores changes to a node set.
PastryNode A Pastry node is single entity in the pastry network.
PastryNodeFactory The interface to an object which can construct PastryNodes.
ScheduledMessage A class that represents scheduled message events

Exception Summary

Rice Pastry API

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