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Uses of AnycastMessage in rice.p2p.scribe

Methods in rice.p2p.scribe with parameters of type AnycastMessage
 void ScribePolicy.directAnycast(AnycastMessage message, NodeHandle parent, java.util.Collection<NodeHandle> children)
          This method is called when an anycast is received which is not satisfied at the local node.
 void ScribePolicy.DefaultScribePolicy.directAnycast(AnycastMessage message, NodeHandle parent, java.util.Collection<NodeHandle> theChildren)
          Simply adds the parent and children in order, which implements a depth-first-search.

Uses of AnycastMessage in rice.p2p.scribe.messaging

Subclasses of AnycastMessage in rice.p2p.scribe.messaging
 class SubscribeMessage

Methods in rice.p2p.scribe.messaging that return AnycastMessage
static AnycastMessage AnycastMessage.build(InputBuffer buf, Endpoint endpoint, ScribeContentDeserializer scd)

Uses of AnycastMessage in rice.p2p.splitstream

Methods in rice.p2p.splitstream with parameters of type AnycastMessage
 void SplitStreamScribePolicy.directAnycast(AnycastMessage message, NodeHandle parent, java.util.Collection<NodeHandle> children)
          This method adds the parent and child in such a way that the nodes who have this stripe as their primary strpe are examined first.

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