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Class Continuation.ErrorContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>

  extended by rice.Continuation.ErrorContinuation<R,E>
All Implemented Interfaces:
Enclosing interface:
Continuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>

public abstract static class Continuation.ErrorContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>
extends java.lang.Object
implements Continuation<R,E>

This class is a Continuation provided for simplicity which passes any results up to the parent Continuation which it is constructed with. Subclasses should implement the receiveException() method with the appropriate behavior.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface rice.Continuation
Continuation.ErrorContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>, Continuation.ExternalContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>, Continuation.ExternalContinuationRunnable<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>, Continuation.ExternalRunnable, Continuation.ListenerContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>, Continuation.MultiContinuation, Continuation.NamedContinuation, Continuation.SimpleContinuation, Continuation.StandardContinuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>
Field Summary
protected  Continuation<R,E> parent
          The parent continuation
Constructor Summary
Continuation.ErrorContinuation(Continuation<R,E> continuation)
          Constructor which takes in the parent continuation for this continuation.
Method Summary
 void receiveResult(R result)
          Called when an the result is available.
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Field Detail


protected Continuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception> parent
The parent continuation

Constructor Detail


public Continuation.ErrorContinuation(Continuation<R,E> continuation)
Constructor which takes in the parent continuation for this continuation.

continuation - The parent of this continuation
Method Detail


public void receiveResult(R result)
Called when an the result is available. Simply passes the result to the parent;

Specified by:
receiveResult in interface Continuation<R,E extends java.lang.Exception>
result - The result

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