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Package org.mpisws.p2p.transport.peerreview.message

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AccusationMessage<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_ACCUSATION byte type = MSG_ACCUSATION nodeID originator nodeID subject long long evidenceSeq [evidence bytes follow]
AckMessage<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_ACK byte type = MSG_ACK nodeID recipientID long long sendEntrySeq long long recvEntrySeq hash hashTopMinusOne signature sig
AuthPushMessage<Identifier extends RawSerializable> Builds the message to a target size.
AuthRequest<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_AUTHREQ byte type = MSG_AUTHREQ long long timestamp nodeID subject
AuthResponse<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_AUTHRESP byte type = MSG_AUTHRESP nodeID subject authenticator a1 // newest authenticator before timestamp in AUTHREQ authenticator a2 // most recent authenticator
ChallengeMessage<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_CHALLENGE byte type = MSG_CHALLENGE nodeID originator long long evidenceSeq byte chalType = {CHAL_AUDIT|CHAL_SEND} [challenge payload follows]
OutgoingUserDataMessage<Handle extends RawSerializable>  
ResponseMessage<Identifier extends RawSerializable> MSG_RESPONSE byte type = MSG_RESPONSE nodeID originator nodeID subject long long evidenceSeq byte challengeType = {CHAL_AUDIT|CHAL_SEND} [response payload follows]
UserDataMessage<Handle extends RawSerializable> Note, it's only Evidence when the type has been changed.

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