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Package org.mpisws.p2p.transport

Interface Summary
ErrorHandler<Identifier> Notified when there is a problem not related to an outgoing message/socket, or when a callback isn't provided for a message.
ListenableTransportLayer<Identifier> Notifies TransportLayerListeners of reading/writing.
MessageCallback<Identifier,MessageType> The callback when a Message is sent from a transport layer.
MessageRequestHandle<Identifier,MessageType> Can cancel the request to send the message.
P2PSocket<Identifier> A socket in the layered transport layer.
SocketRequestHandle<Identifier> Can cancel the request to open the socket.
TransportLayer<Identifier,MessageType> The transport layer does provides the minimum functionality to provide communication with flow control.

The Identifier is the type of identifier this transport layer exports.
TransportLayerCallback<Identifier,MessageType> Used to receive incoming messages/sockets.
TransportLayerListener<Identifier> Can be installed on a ListenableTransportLayer

Exception Summary
ClosedChannelException Java's CCE doesn't have proper constructors.

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