Rice Pastry API

Package rice.pastry.messaging

Interface Summary
RawMessageDelivery Represents a message from the wire that hasn't yet been deserialized.
RawMessageDeliveryFactory DESCRIBE THE INTERFACE

Class Summary
JavaSerializedDeserializer Handles "old" java serialized messages for programming convienience and reverse compatability.
Message This is an abstract implementation of a message object.
MessageDispatch An object which remembers the mapping from names to MessageReceivers and dispatches messages by request.
PastryObjectInputStream coalesces NodeHandles on the fly during java deserialization
PJavaSerializedDeserializer The purpose of this class is just for programming convienience to disambiguate between rice.p2p.commonapi and rice.pastry with the interfaces/classes Message NodeHandle
PJavaSerializedMessage Wrapper that converts rice.pastry.messaging.Message to rice.pastry.messageing.PRawMessage
PRawMessage Adapts Message to a RawMessage Adds the "sender" to the RawMessage

Rice Pastry API

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