Rice Pastry API

Package rice.pastry

Interface Summary
LocalNodeI This interface is for any objects who need to automatically have the PastryNode assigned to it upon reception off of the wire.
NetworkListener Represents a listener to pastry network activity
NodeIdFactory An interface to any object capable of generating nodeIds.
NodeSetI An interface to a generic set of nodes.

Class Summary
Id Represents a Pastry identifier for a node, object or key.
Id.Distance A class for representing and manipulating the distance between two Ids on the circle.
IdRange Represents a contiguous range of Pastry ids.
IdSet Represents a set of Pastry ids.
LocalNode Implementation of the LocalNodeI interface that some Serializable classes (such as Certificate) extend, if they want to be kept informed of what node they're on.
NodeHandle Interface for handles to remote nodes.
NodeId Represents a Pastry identifier for a node.
NodeSet Represents an ordered set of NodeHandles.
NodeSetUpdate A class which stores changes to a node set.
PastryNode A Pastry node is single entity in the pastry network.
PastryNodeFactory The interface to an object which can construct PastryNodes.
ScheduledMessage A class that represents scheduled message events

Rice Pastry API

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