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Uses of StripeId in rice.p2p.splitstream

Fields in rice.p2p.splitstream declared as StripeId
protected  StripeId Stripe.stripeId
          The stripeId for this stripe

Methods in rice.p2p.splitstream that return StripeId
protected  StripeId[] Channel.generateStripeIds(ChannelId id, IdFactory factory)
          Creates and returns the Ids associated with the provided channelId
 StripeId Stripe.getStripeId()
          gets the StripeID for this stripe

Constructors in rice.p2p.splitstream with parameters of type StripeId
Stripe(StripeId stripeId, Scribe scribe, java.lang.String instance, Channel channel, int maxFailedSubscriptions)
          The constructor used when creating a stripe from scratch.

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