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Uses of Storage in rice.persistence

Classes in rice.persistence that implement Storage
 class MemoryStorage
          This class is an implementation of Storage which provides in-memory storage.
 class PersistentStorage
          This class is an implementation of Storage which provides persistent storage to disk.
 class StorageManager
          This class provides both persistent and caching services to external applications.

Methods in rice.persistence that return Storage
 rice.persistence.Storage StorageManager.getStorage()
          Returns the permantent storage object used by this StorageManager

Constructors in rice.persistence with parameters of type Storage
LRUCache(rice.persistence.Storage storage, int maximumSize)
          Builds a LRU cache given a storage object to store the cached data in and a maximum cache size.
StorageManager(rice.p2p.commonapi.IdFactory factory, rice.persistence.Storage storage, rice.persistence.Cache cache)
          Builds a StorageManager given a Storage object to provide storage services and a Cache object to provide caching services.

Uses of Storage in rice.persistence.testing

Fields in rice.persistence.testing declared as Storage
protected  rice.persistence.Storage MemoryStorageTest.storage

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