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Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge:

PASTA Pasta is a scalable file system built on top of Pastry in a similar manner as PAST, but will provide mutability and a decentralized hierarchical namespace. Pasta clients use content-based blocking based on a file's actual content, to make better utilization of available storage space.

Microsoft Research, Redmond:

The Herald project is building a publish/subscribe event notification service deployed as a self-configuring federation of peers designed to scale to Internet size and to provide timely delivery of notifications.

Marvin Theimer and Michael B. Jones. Overlook: Scalable Name Service on an Overlay Network. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), Vienna, Austria, IEEE Computer Society, July 2002.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbour:

Pastiche is a convenient peer-to-peer backup system. In Pastiche, each machine leverages similar data on backup buddies to inexpensively store backup state on each buddy's disk. Pastiche includes mechanisms for efficient buddy discovery, incremental snapshot generation, and detection of malicious or faulty buddies.

L. P. Cox and B. D. Noble. Pastiche: making backup cheap and easy. To appear in the Fifth USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, December, 2002, Boston, MA.

Purdue University, West Lafayette:

The DPSR project exploits the synergy between topology-aware structured peer-to-peer substrates (e.g., Pastry) and the on-demand multi-hop routing protocols for mobile Ad Hoc networks (MANETS) (e.g., DSR), and develops a new on-demand multi-hop routing protocol, Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Source Routing (DPSR), for MANETS, that promises to be more scalable than DSR and AODV.

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