A co-operative messaging infrastructure. 

POST is a generic messaging infrastructure that is built upon Pastry. It is being used to support services like secure email (ePOST), secure instant messaging (imPOST), and collaborative applications like shared calendars, notes and whiteboards without the need for dedicated servers.

POST provides a secure message repository, notification services, and metadata used to relate messages in a user- and application-specific manner.



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Other applications:

group communication.

co-operative web caching.

archival storage.

high-bandwidth content distribution.

fair sharing of resources.

Other projects using Pastry.


Alan Mislove, Ansley Post, Charles Reis, Paul Willmann, Peter Druschel, Dan S. Wallach, Xavier Bonnaire, Pierre Sens, Jean-Michel Busca, and Luciana Arantes-Bezerra, "POST: A Secure, Resilient, Cooperative Messaging System", submitted.   [ pdf | ps ]

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